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itunes not syncing since IOS 7

Since IOS 7 I cant sync my iPad 3 or iPhone 5


First it appeared to be just photos so i turned off syncing to a folder in the photo tab but it now get hung on Determining tracks to Sync step 5/6


The sync appears to go fine until it gets to step 5 as above and iTunes still appears to be accessing the drives for a while but the barber pole progress bar is static and eventually the external drive access light stops and ITunes just drops out of syncing no error messages no sync


ITunes does not sync anything, no my new audio books, no new apps etc if I look under the app tab iTunes thinks it has installed the new apps becuase they have remove by each new app name, but it has not as the apps are not on either device, same with audio etc.


My old Iphone 3g (IOS 4.2) still syncs ok so i can listen to my new adiobook on that, at present, but neither my iphone 5 or my ipad 3 will accept new items.


This happened since i installed IOS7 and iTunes 11.1 my mac is running Mac OS10.8.5 and unfortunately Apple Does not allow you to go back to an older IOS


i sync via USB to my devices as i alter alot of the details in my books etc like Book series, book number in series and narrator etc and it means i only need to download the books once and sync the ones i want to itunes.


I have done a warm reset (power button only) and cold reset (power and home button) on both devices but still the issue exists.


I hate IOS 7 its hard to read (yes i know about bold print) and this issue does not make me warm to it.


Also does any one know how to shut off auto play of podcasts in itunes 11.1  even the ones you have marked as manual download are auto uploaded and played.


Itunes Radio for those that are looking for it outside the US should stop looking as it is US only.


Any help on the syncing issue would be appreciated sending Apple emails appears to fall on deaf ears . . .

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