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Borders at Top And Bottom of AirPlay Mirroring

I got an Apple TV a month or so ago to compliment my iPad (3rd Gen) and use the AirPlay mirroring feature. However I am slightly disappointed to find that every time I mirror my iPad's screen, it appears with black borders at the top and bottom of the picture, I understand the need for borders left and right because of the 4:3 aspect but borders top and bottom make the picture smaller. Videos and Pictures appear properly but certain apps that are full screen (such as Asphalt 7) appear with borders all the way around.


If I change the Apple TV display settings from 1080p 60Hz to 1280x1024 60Hz then the iPad is mirrored perfectly without borders top and bottom only left and right as they hold be but ideally I want to keep the 1080p resolution if I can.


My Apple TV 3 is connected to my router via Ethernet and my iPad can use either 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi bands but nothing fixes the issue.


The HDTV is fairly new, a Samsung model from last year so that couldn't be the problem either.


Can anone advise? I've seen some posts on the Internet but they are mainly complaining about borders left and right not top and bottom.

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