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iTunes keeps trying to restore my new iPhone5

I just bought an iphone5 today. Prior to buying it, I backed up my iPhone4 to iTunes so I could easily set up my phone. After buying the 5, I connected it to my MacBook Pro and let it "restore from previous version" (the one I created earlier this afternoon). However, after going through the full restore/setup process, this new version of itunes (which I'm not in love with by the way) still isn't recognizing my iPhone5 as being updated. It keeps asking me if I want to restore my iPhone from the previous version I did this afternoon. But when I unlock my iPhone5, I can see that the "restore" was managed correctly as my wallpaper and lock screen have the pictures from my old iphone and my mailboxes and texts synced as well.


It'd also be helpful if someone could tell me how to drag and drop music to my iphone in the new itunes. I had over 1000 songs on my iphone4, and I have to start from scratch all over again @_@.

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