Thứ Hai, 15 tháng 4, 2013

Iphone5 got wet

Hi! I fell into a pond yesterday at around 10am with my iphone 5 in my shorts.  I was in the water for about 3 seconds, got back up and turned off my phone. I wiped dry and let it air dry for about an hour. When i got home at night, 1030pm, i checked the forums, and found the keep it in rice fix. So, i took out the sim and placed it in a ziplock bag with rice. Then I found a link in apple support on how to check the wet indicator of my iphone. Checked it, and it was still white. How long do I have to keep it in rice? I have a 730am alarm set for every morning, but it did not go off this morning. Was that normal?  I have my fingers and toes crossed while i am typing this. Hope everything will be fine.

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