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The phone case that saved my life!

As an artist and business owner, my iPhone 5 is my lifeline. If you live an active, on the go lifestyle like I do, then you need a phone case that can withstand anything that comes it’s way, without weighing you down. The Obex from Seidio is exactly that case.

The makers of the Obex claim that the case exceeds military standards in protecting your phone against impact, as well as dust, extreme temperatures, and full water submersion. You would expect a case that exceeds such rigorous standards to add a lot of extra bulk to your phone, however, the Obex gives all of this incredible protection without compromising the thin, sexy design of the iPhone 5.

The true test came the very next day after getting the Obex case. It just so happened that I fell into the deep end of an in ground swimming pool (I’ve never been known as being graceful), fully clothed and phone in pocket. After making sure I was okay, all of my friends yelled, “OH NO, YOUR PHONE!!!”. I pulled my phone out of my drenched jean pocket to find that not a drop of water had penetrated the Obex case! Seidio literally saved me $800 and my lifeline! As witnesses, all of my friends instantly wanted their own Obex case.

The only design flaw I could find in the Obex is that the mute switch cover uncovers such a small opening, making the switch very difficult to access. The mute switch cover also has a tendency to easily open, making it the most vulnerable part of the watertight case. Seidio has been kind enough, however, to include both an extra mute switch cover and an extra lightning port cover with the case. If you are looking to actually use the phone underwater, you should note that having water on the screen does effect the touch sensitivity of the screen, which will make it very difficult to do anything underwater that requires precise keystrokes, such as texting. This is by no means a design flaw of Seidio, but a fact regarding touch screen devices.

All in all, the Seidio Obex case blows away the competition. Don’t settle for a bulky Otterbox or Lifeproof case. Who doesn’t want serious, impact and waterproof protection bundled into into a sleek, sexy design? The amazing Seidio Obex is the phone case for you!

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