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Unknown error backing up Iphone 5

Hello All,

My Iphone 5 currently will not accept my WiFi password. It works on other networks ( work) but not my home network. Worth noteing within my network I also have PS3, iPhone 4s, Smart TV, a laptop and a blue ray player which all have connected wirelessly. So after talking to my IP, I have come to the conclusion that I will try A factory install on my iPhone.

So I went to backup my Iphone 5 through Itunes. After clicking back up now a pop up comes up about 5-10 seconds into the backup. It reads " iTunes could not back up the Iphone ' #%$@& iphone' because an error has occured."

Now this error occurs both when I back up to the cloud as well as to " This Computer"

I just bought an imac 2012 about a month ago. This is the first backup I have attempted. This is also the first mac computer I have owned so I am also new to the OS.

My stats are as follows:    - Iphone 5 with iOS 6.1.3        ( as I understand is up to date )

                                       - Itunes version 11.0.2 64-bit     ( also up to date)

                                       - iMac13,2 intel core i5        2.9 GHz       8GB RAM

                                           iMac OSX 10.8.3  ( I also believe is current version )

In regards to my original problem with the the network. I have so far tried to force reset. As well as forgetting my home Network. There doesn't seem to be much else I can do from my iPhone.

Any response would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to apply the image of the error box but for some reason when I add the picture the insert image button doesn't do anything. So for sack of my sanity I am going to post this and work at it


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