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IPhone 5 3 problems.

Hey guys

Ive had my IPhone 5 since the day it came out, so now it had started to have its problems, and more than one. Ive got three:

     - brightness turns down automatically to the point I cant see the screen and when I go back to settings the brightness bar is still up to to bright and I just have to touch it for it to come back to normal.   

      - When I call someone or when someone call me, the place where I should hear them talk back does not work, I have to hear them on the speaker.

     - When I charge my phone the lightning connector doesnt have a good connection and cuts out of charging looks like its lose.

Has anyone had one of these problems, and how was it fixed? or when you gave it to Apple, how long did it take to be fixed? or did you get a new IPhone?

Or feel free just to talk about what you think

Thanks guys!

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