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My iPhone 5 won't connect to new bluetooth or wifi connections!

Okkay so ever since a few weeks ago my iPhone 5 stopped connecting to new WIFI networks... I didn't really see it as a big deal until my friends were all connected to the same wifi and my iPhone couldn't (Correct password and EVERYTHING).. and right now i'm at my dad's house and his iphone 5 is connected to the WIFI but mine isn't.. idk *** is going on but i'm starting to become ****** with apple.. I've seen hundreds of post on the internet about this and it seems like nothing is being done about it..?! DATA ISN'T UNLIMMITTED UNDER MY PLAN!!!!! I should NOT be responsible for this bill when I could be fine connected to wifi networks........ And now it's to the points where my device is having me relog into any social netowrks that i try logging into (Twitter.. Vine.. etc.).. WHY?!!? AND NOW I can't even connect to blue tooth devices that all my friends on iPhone 4's are connected too... *** IS THE PROBLE AND WHY IS THERE NO ANSWER TO THIS?!?!?! I've searched countless hours on the internet for a fix to this but can't seem to find an answer... if anyone could help it'd be much appreciated..

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