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iphone 5 Adapter Issues

While driving yesterday I ran into a problem using my iPhone 5 in my car to listen to music.


While plugged into my car using an iPhone 30 pin cable with the adapter my iPhone 5 shows that it is charging, but will not play music anymore.  Previously using this set up it both charged and played music.

Later at home, trying to play music through an speaker with a a 30 pin dock and the adapter it again shows that the phone is charging but will not play music.  I have tried blowing on the connector and the in the phone to clear any debris.  Music plays through the phone itself fine, and through headphones, but not through the adapter (however, as stated it charges).


I've tried everything I can think of short of hooking it back up to my computer for a fresh install of ios.


Any suggestions before I try that?


Thanks in advance.

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