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Categorizing iPhone 5 WiFi issues

I have noticed a lot of people responding to my original post and several other posts about WiFi connectivity issues but only about 1 in 3 are describing the situation I'm experiencing or the main topic situation. There seems to be a great number of inconsistencies regarding what problems users are experiencing so I'd like to try to get the problems categorized. Here is what I've seen from users so far:

  1. Iphone 5 connects to WiFi networks just fine but in WPA (any kind) or WEP networks there is no transmition of data or data drops after 30 seconds to 2 hours of regular use. turning off cellular data, WiFi, or flashing airplane mode on/off will regain data momentarily but same issue occurs. Unsecured networks transmit data just fine. Only solid solution I've seen is a phone replacement. (This is the issue I'm experiencing)
  2. iPhone 5 forgets the network it is connected to and the login information needs to be re-entered.
  3. iPhone 5 is experiencing extremely slow network speeds while using WiFi connections.
  4. iPhone 5 disables WiFi upon going to sleep mode.
  5. iPhone 5 is unable to connect to any WiFi network.
  6. iOS 6 WiFi is disabled
  7. iOS6 redirects to a login page when attempting to connect to the internet.(This was determined to be a problem on Apple's end and should be corrected.)
  8. iPhone 5 is unable to detect the wireless network unless it is nearly on top of the router. Anything further than about 6 feet away will not detect the WiFi signal.
  9. iPhone 5 is confusing wireless data transferred as cellular data

Has anyone else seen any other issues or problems I haven't noted related to wireless connectivity issues?

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