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How do I verify whether or not I am subscribed to iTunes Match?

I subscribed to iTunes Match when it first came out and had no problems until this week. I just got a new iPhone 5 and iTunes Match was on and it was playing music just fine then it suddenly stopped and said that I wasn't subscribed to iTunes Match.


When I got home I opened iTunes and I had to initiate the iTunes Match process (and was successful) but I don't recall being asked to verify if I wanted to pay the fee. In any case, I got through steps 1-3, iTunes said that all was good and my music showed up on my phone again. I played music on the phone and it all worked just fine.


A couple of days later, I have my phone start playing music and again it stopped, all music was blanked out (no music showing at all) and it tells me I'm not subscribed. So, to be sure, I went to check out my AppleID account info but there's no mention of whether I am subscribed or not. There must be a way of confirming that I am actually subscribed. If I knew that I could know better what approach to take next. If my subscription indeed lapsed, then that's an easy fix, but I can't even verify that. If I have to reinitiate the iTunes Match process again on my computer, I'd like to be able to confirm that my subscription is in good standing. Any ideas on how to do that?

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