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I need help finding a podcast app (pod catcher)...

ShawnMT wrote:

Hey "the fiend",

I would like my iPod to download podcasts as they come out, which is why I said I was looking for a "pod catcher."

Yes, I realise that.

So far, in the UK store, I've found:

Podfisher, a paid-for App. Describes itself as full-featured. Requires iOS 3.0Fireside Lite - Cloud Synced Podcasts. It's free, but my attempt to discover more about it met only with a login screen. I cannot even read the FAQs without signing up for their service. Treat with caution. Requires iOS 4.2.1Fireside - Cloud Synced Podcasts. As above, but paid-for. Further investigation reveals that the "lite" version would probably not suit your needs. That version can only stream episodes and only have three subscriptions.  My attempt to discover more about either version met only with a login screen. I cannot even read the FAQs without signing up for their service. Therefore, I would treat it with caution. Requires iOS 4.2.1Flapcast. Also free. Has no link to the developer's website (unsual, I thought this was an Apple requirement). Requires iOS 3.0

There is also an App named Podcatcher Audio Guide (which requires iOS 5.0), but in fact, it appears to be designed to scan QR codes which then produce audio, for use in a range of museums. This does not appear to be a Podcatcher at all.

To summarise, there are Apps available (in the UK Store, at least), but you will need to decide for yourself whether they meet your needs, especially since some Apps are listed as Podcatchers when they are not.

ShawnMT wrote:

...are you saying that if I transfer some initial espisodes of different podcasts to my ipod via itunes, that once they are on my ipod touch that I can get additional episodes directly to my ipod via wifi without having to resync with itunes?

Yes. However...

On the iPod, look in the episode list for any of your existing Podcasts, and you should see Get Episodes at the bottom of each episode list. Clicking on that will take you to that Podcast in the Store.

...And here's the "however"!

you cannot subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) a programme using this methodthere is no automatic download via this method (so it doesn't "catch" Podcasts)the list in-store will not identify episodes that you already have, even if they are on the iPod at the time.Get Episodes will be shown on your iPod, even if there are no new episodes to get

It's not my place to tell you how or what to do, but the above issues are why I stick with iTunes as a Podcatcher, and I'm even reluctant to replace my ageing iPod Touch, as Apple's Podcast App for use with iOS 6 is no where near as good as the old one we have on iOS 4.2.1. (You cannot, for example, add Podcast to a Playlist in the new Podcast App. If you can, no one has found a way.)

If you have any success with this mission, let us know. I'd be curious to hear of anything as good as iTunes.


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