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I'm a new Apple customer that needs guidance! iPhone5+?

First of all, I hope you Apple/iPhone experts can dedicate some of your time into giving me the most detailed reliable answers!
I'll try to keep this smooth and straightforward_
I am thinking of buying the new iPhone 5 and don't know much about the process for obvious reasons. This will be my first Apple product and I need to know if I can select a custom phone number/sim card that I wish to use.

Is it possible to buy it outright and how will I recharge my credit (could I buy prepaid vouchers and insert the code?) Should I go on a plan or buy it outright and why?

How many GB should I buy? Is 16 too little, 64 too much, 32 inbetween, but not quite right?

The usual `young-adult` things will be going onto my iPhone such as: Music, Games & Movies

I don't have an AppleID, shall I make one beforehand or will the AppleGenius' help me with that in-store?

Unlocking and/or jailbreaking my iPhone, what are those about? are they beneficial

Please add important info that I have to take in, for I don't know what I'm missing and are hoping you experienced Apple clients could show me the ropes

I am in Melbourne, Australia; so will go to the Apple Store at Southland to buy my Apple products.

What do you think of the idea of using my birthdate as my phone number with the prefix "04"DD/MM/YYYY ^^ or any other date format

iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S;

I've heard that the S stands for Speed/ Siri/ Steve, but what does it really mean

&what does the G[eneration]?

Will the next iPhone be called 5G, 5S, 5GS or iPhone6 and when will it be coming out?

It'll be so upsetting if I bought an iPhone 5, then a more advanced iPhone came out a few months later

No more questions I can think of, so fill me in.

I need your impressive answers! :3

Providing me websites that have accurate news on future releases are purty.

Additional Details

Keep an eye on this post for further discussions with me .___.

Do youse recommend any other smartphone???

I'm a new Apple customer that needs guidance! iPhone5? - Yahoo!7 Answers

I'm a new Apple customer that needs guidance! iPhone5+?  ;

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