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iPhone 5 loses data connection and won't get it back unless Resetting

Hi everyone,


I bought my iPhone 5 about a month ago and I've noticed some issues regarding my data connectivity.


It has happened three times within the last month: out of nowhere, the phone loses data connection. The phone itself will work but I cannot use any internet-based functionality. This has even happened when I used my home WiFi connection, and while it appeared to have full signal and my WiFi was working fine in other devices, iPhone stopped receiving any data.


My original thoughts are that -occasionally- if 3G signal or WiFI is lost, the phone for some reason won't re-connect automatically. However, I haven't noticed it when I get off the tube, where there's not signal, so I'm not sure what causes the problem.. I'm not even sure whether it's a software or a hardware issue. All these times, I had to reset the network settings in order to get it working again, which is ok as a temporary solution, but in no case acceptable for such an expensive device.


On top of that, there have been 2 times so far where people could not hear me on the other end of the line, but only when I put my phone close to my face (and obviously this is not because my face touches the mute button..!). When I put it away or put it on speaker, they can hear me fine. So I guess there is an issue with my microphone as well.


I'm with 3 UK, but I bought the phone from an Apple Store. I'm having an appointment with an Apple Genious this week, so hopefully they will replace the phone with one that works ok.


Did any of you have any relevant experience in the UK? Thoughts?




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