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iPhone 5 problems with Plantronics Legend headset

I have bought Plantronics Legend bluetooth headset and trying to use with iPhone 5. Listening podcast, music etc. works fine but phone calls are terrible. Legend disconnects during calls. This happened many times and I am really frustrated now. I upgraded the firmware and I still have the same problem. after I talk about few minutes, it mutes itself. I can not hear the otherside even though they hear me a few more minutes and disconnects the call itself.


I created a support ticket at Plantroinics tech support department.  here is what they say;

"We are aware that some iPhone5/iOS 6 users have reported Bluetooth problems with headsets manufactured by various companies. We are currently working with Apple to learn more and better understand and resolve any potential issues."


is this a common iPhone -5 problem?  has anyone had better experince with iPhone?  and which blootooth headset you are using ?

I really appreciate your advice.  I do not care the cost that much I just need a good working bloototh headset for my iPhone that I can make phone calls without any problem.  Thanks in advance,


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