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iPhone5 issues with WPA2/AES Wifi

I am using a Dual- Band Linksys E2500 router with WPA2 Personal (WPA2/AES) enabled. None of my other apple products (iPhone4S, iPhone4, iPad2 and the New iPad) have had problems connecting to my router. But everything changed when I got my iPhone5.


Basically the iPhone5 is capable to connect to the WPA2-Personal wifi network but after 1-2min starts to drop network packages, hence, I cannot browse any page (not even the router page even though I still have a valid IP and the wifi icon is shown on my top screen.


I pinged the phone from my router diagnostics page and while I can browse the web with the iPhone5, I can see no packages lost. However after 1-2min the iPhone5 cannot open any websites while still connected to the wifi, it starts to show network packages lost.


A workaround that I found was to create a "Guest" network (which is not WPA2-Personal) or even WEP. There are no issues when connecting to these alternate networks.


Can anyone out there confirm this issue?? Is it software or hardware related?? It seems to me there are issues with WPA2-Personal (WPA2/AES)


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