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I cannot install and sync apps on my iphone 5 64GB via iTunes!!!



I have a problem and I have searched here and in google to find a solution, but there was not any solution.

I have windows 8 enterprise, and I tunes 11(updated) and also iphone 5 64gb. I downloded  apps from itunes store, when I wanted ti istall and sync them, apparently scronization is succeed but no apps install on my iphone. BUT when I try to install with the other software like a iFunbox, very easy installed. I would like to install through the itunes but its impossible.

I have dine a lot of ways: restart my phone, updated my itunes, uninstall itunes and again installed, authorised my computer with iphone.,,, and unfortunately doesnt work.

So i would like if some body had this experince please tell me how to solve this problem!!


Thank you so much


Best Regards,


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