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iPhone 5 - Lock Button issue

Hi all,


Well, this is dissapointing. I first noticed an issue a few weeks ago around the same time 1 year elapsed since purchasing the phone (wooo 1 year anniversary...). It started with the button being less responsive. A little "tap" would no longer suffice; it made it's way into a "press".  Fast forward today and it's made it's debut into more of a "slam". Would just like to say my iPhone 5's lock button is completely paralyzed from the wiiiiindooooww to the walll (well actually from the right side to the middle). I now have to contort my index finger and angle my nail 60 degrees from the top bezel while applying Hulk-like pressure just to activate the simple function of powering on and off my phone.  I am beyond dumbfounded how this could happen to me, the multi-layered Otterbox did an immaculate job protecting my virginity, but did it fail me on my phone? After doing some research I've realized this problem was beyond my control and this is a pretty plain issue of just faulty design. Question to all plagued with this problem: Whats Apple's stance on this? Will they fix it off warranty? What are my options besides AssistiveTouch?


I will give Apple a buzz through e-mail and phone tomorrow and report back here. However, I refuse to pay $269 for a problem this common. Especially since i've used a military-grade-construction-durable Otterbox which practically made me look like im texting people on a DynaTAC.


But for now it's a betting game, what will break first? My iron deficient nail or my iPhone 5 lock screen button completely? My money is on the button.


Yours truly,

A salty consumer.

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