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RE: My iPhone 5 won't turn on, and has been plugged in to charge for hours.


I have an iPhone 5 and I cant seem to get it to switch on! I have never had this problem before, the only problem I have had is where I would have it on charge and it would go off and on charge multiple times before it starts to actual charge.

My phone is now on charge and still will not switch on, I have tried what it says online to reset the phone although no luck, the icon to say the phone needs charging flicked up for a second before turning back to the black screen.

4 of my family members all have iPhone 5's and so I have used all of their USB's and still no luck, I have had it plugged into the wall, my Macbook, my Dad's Macbook and still nothing.

Has this happened to anybody before? Or does anybody know of any solutions.

Thanks guys,



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