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iPhone 5 time and date issues

So, I activated my vzw iPhone5 Saturday. Very much enjoying it.  Woke up yesterday and was very confused because my phone thought it was 8/26/12 and 30 minutes later than the actual time.  I reset network settings and it self resolved...until this morning.  I woke up and looked at my phone and had a melt down because my alarm never went off.  I hurriedly got ready and looked at the microwave as I ran out, and it was 30 minutes earlier than my iPhone said. 

My iPhone apparently is doing something weird and reverting to 8/26/12 + 30 minutes while I (and it) sleep.  It throws off iMessage and I'm sure the rest of the date/time dependent apps, so I've turned off the automatic time setting for now, and its fine now (so far lol).  But I would like to know what the real issue is if possible!?! Is it my phone? VZW? Does it matter?


Thanks in advance :0)

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