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iPhone 5 WiFi Does Not Work After iOS6.0.2 Update



Has anyone run into the problem of not being able to connect to your wifi (at home) with your iPhone 5 after the iOS6.0.2 update?


I have done pretty much everything that I can think of and read about online:

- Hard restart

- Reset networking settings

- Reset back to factory mode

- Cleared Safari's history and cookies

- Manual input of the network name and password


I haven't done anything to my router or password (for the wifi) as I find it ridiculous having to change the settings on them when every other iOS device I own works...


The wifi problem seems to exist only for password protected networks...


In any case, any advice would be of great help!




p.s. Happy holidays to everyone! Yes, I'm writing this on Christmas Eve.... that's how frustrating this is to me.

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