Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 12, 2012

My new iphone5 is overheating easily, unacceptable really

Like many others, my new iphone5 is having issue, serious issue ...


it heat up easily , at the back ( slightly redused after putting on a cover case ) and also the screen ( my thumb is like burning after playing even casual game )..


i did not have other 'heavy duty' app running in the background, i did those method told by others on the net (exp: reset and restore, even restore in DUF mode) nothing help ...


well , im sure everyone heard that iphone exploding case before, i really afraid it is going to happen on me APPLE.


im pretty sure its not only me suffering right now, there are thousand and million of pepople in different part of world, who are holding your expensive device and wondering " really ? iphone5 suppose to be like this because of the material choosen ? im suppose to feel or even hurted by the heat after paying this much ? "


ive tried updated it to IOS 6.0.2 , nothing change (well maybe the WIFI as claimed, maybe )


this is disappointing ....


please .. fix it ....


you dont wish to lose your market share to SA*****G , as much as i dont want man


solutionnnnnnnn plsssssssss

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