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Can I transfer AppleCare from one number to another number within same family?

I have 5 phones under me.


I purchased the Iphone 5 under my number with the AppleCare. Unfortunately a few months later I wanted another phone. I switched the Iphone 5's phone number to another family member.


Did I lose the AppleCare at that point?


Now this family member with the Iphone 5 wants another phone, and we want to give the Iphone 5 to another family member.



Question: Is there a possibility I still have the AppleCare (I did not call Apple at the time)  and can cancel the AppleCare and get it prorated since I made one transfer which the Terms state one can do? Like most people, I didn't read the Terms. =(


or...did I lose the AppleCare once I transferred the number? I did inquire at the time, and the phone company stated I could do I did...


Thanks for any advice. Just seeing if I can salvage the cost I put into AppleCare into this one phone that never left the original address...just the phone number was switched.

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