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iTunes doesn't see my new iphone 5.'s troubleshooting didn't work.

I have recently purchased an iPhone5 after previously owning an iPhone3s. I never had any issue connecting to iTunes from my iPhone3s, but after upgrading to the iPhone5, I have been unable to connect to iTunes so I can put music on it. I've gone through all of the steps that suggests for this problem. I've uninstalled/installed iTunes several times and even monkeyed around with msconfig without any improvement. I haven't gone through all of my 3rd party stuff yet but was hoping that someone else had the same issue and was able to figure out the problem as I've pretty much exhausted my computer knowledge and don't know how to proceed.


I'm not getting any error messages, but the phone doesn't show up in iTunes, so I'm a little mystified. Did anyone else have this problem and figure out a solution?




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