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Not enough free space on iphone 5 to restore from backup

I got a new PC and installed the latest itunes. I followed this thread ( to set up my devices (16gb ipad 2 and 32 gb iphone 5) on the new PC. The ipad worked great. However, I'm running into a problem restoring the iphone from backup. It's telling me there is not enough space on the iphone to restore from backup. According to the itunes summary I have 3 gb of space left on the iphone so I don't understand why it's saying this. I'm wondering what my next step should be. Should I try a restore? Or reinstall itunes? Since I was able to restore my ipad from backup I suspect it must be an issue with the phone. I've tried backing up the phone several times and then restoring but always get the same error message. Thanks for any suggestions.

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