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[Review] Sweet armor iPhone 5 Titanium Bumper case.

Sweet amor i5

Hi, i got a Sweet armor i5 the rainbow color

This is MO for korean made Bumper for Apple iPhone 5 but they have a only galaxy and apply iPhone 5 in Sweet armor web-site.

They have a tow type style the a Anodizing or Titanium for a anodizing has have a All Black,

All Silver, Silver Black, Black Silver color or Titanium style they are selling but in Sweet armor Web-site they are didn`t show right now but they say coming soon on next week. for more pics and details of this bumper please go to the following web-site.

[ ]

Anodizing cost is $65(U.S), Titanium $72

cost after paypal conversion of U.S $72 sharing EMS express($25) shipping cost is $97

(Korean postal office)


The packing is not bad at all compare to SGP or other companies. As you can see in the pictures, the case protected by four soft foams inside the box, which I think is very thoughtful, as this is a very expensive case, no one would like it to be damaged during the shipping.

Inside the box, there are 4 all black 4 all silver 8 Philips screws and a little small Philips screwdriver. The build quality of the screwdriver did surprise me a little while. The screwdriver is well built and it is magnet, which can certainly help your installation of the case, the screws are very small.

Built Quality

The built quality of this case is 10 out of 10. The case is very solid and the colouring of the case is very well done. It is definitely one of the best cases in the world with no doubt. The edges are smooth and the cuttings are perfect.

On the case, there are two holes on the left side of the case, which allow you to put a string strap. Although I do not use a string strap, I think these two holes are very nice as some people may want to put a string strap onto a phone and most of the cases/ phones nowadays do not provide this.

Also, there are four All black metal button covers at the position of the power button and the volume rockers or vibrate button These not only help to prevent dust getting into the gap between the phone and the case, but also help to make the buttons easier to access. I have no problem in using the power button and the volume rockers when I using this case. The buttons are sensitive and “clicky”.

This case does add some weight to the phone. However, the weight is very small. You can definitely feel the weight but the weight is acceptable. you would not feel the phone too heavy, in my personally opinion.

I have used a lot of cases in the past, from the cheap Ebay cases to SGP expensive cases but there is no cases that can give me the Sweet Armor case can give me. All the cases that I used in the past kept gave me a very “plastic feeling”. When I tried to hold the phone very tight, I felt like I was going to break the phone. But when I am using the Sweet Armor case, it gives me a totally different feeling of the phone. The case is very solid and when I try to hold the phone very tight, I do not feel any “plastic feeling”. The case gives an extra strength to the phone to against the force from the outside, and this makes me feel the phone more “solid” and steadier when I am holding it.


Overall, considering the price of this case, I would not say the built quality surprises me, as this is what a $72 case has to have. The case is very solid, very beautiful and stylish, and very thin. It can certainly handle a few drops from a certain height but you cannot expect it can protect your phone from 2 meters height. For normal daily usage, I think this case does its job. And if you are looking for a luxury metal bumper, I think this is one of the cases in the market you should consider.

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