Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 1, 2013

Incredibly poor iPhone 5 battery life whenever 3G is activated, why?

I bought a new iPhone 5 and ever since I got it when I use 3G (or cellular data at all for that matter) the battery life is incredibly bad.  Yesterday my phone only lasted for about 4 hours.  I used up 20% of battery on a 15 minute bus ride.  The battery % display is more like a countdown timer.  The battery life isn't great even with cellular data disabled (with or without WiFi) but it is absolutely attrocious with any kind of cellular data.  I feel like the battery life on my heavily used iPhone 4 was better all around but this new phone is pretty much whenever cellular data is activated.  With my iPhone 4 I could always get through at least 1 day without recharging, with the iPhone 5 I never can.  With cellular data activated I'll have to recharge more than once a day.

What's going on here?  Can anyone help?

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