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I hate my iPhone 5.

Hi guys,


Let me preface this by stating that I have been a strong, strong advocate of Apple for years. I have not posted in a long while but I have had this account since 2004 when I had the first gen iPod Touch and an iMac G5 at the young age of 12! Since then I have bought exclusively Apple products- iMac, iPod Classic, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone 4's (too many to remember), and now the iPhone 5 (currently on my 3rd), Apple TV's, and the list goes on and on. My family as well as my extended family uses all Apple products as well (mostly per my recommendations)


With all that said, I have had nothing except problems since I got the iPhone 5 on release day and it's really upsetting me! My first iPhone 5 would not stay connected to my wifi network, which caused data overages so I definitely needed a new phone. I backed everything up via iCloud and thought it would be simple to get my information on my replacement phone. Well as it turns out, all of my information somehow vanished from iCloud and I had nothing except for a several month old iTunes backup to use. I agree this is somewhat my fault, but still. Whatever, I got over it and decided not to use iCloud in case of any other "glitch" it may have. So I use my second iPhone 5 for a month or so and I start having quality issues with this phone...power button doesn't work, dies randomly with anything less than 10% battery life, auto brightness doesn't work, wifi still works intermittently. Need a new phone again. Today I back everything up to iTunes, thinking I made the safe choice and then when I go to put my information on my third iPhone 5, ALL of my photos are gone, many of my contacts are gone, all of my text messages are gone. Apps - gone.


Am I doing something wrong? I didn't think I was technologically illiterate but it seems that way. I really don't know if it's an issue with me, iCloud, iTunes, Apple, or just bad luck with iPhones..but I'm really getting tired of it. I use my phone for literally everything (like many others) and rely on it for daily life..sad but true. When it doesn't perform that really puts a damper on my life for a couple weeks until I get everything back together!


Anyways, I apologize for the semi-rant but I really don't know how much more I can take of this. I love the iPhone 5 for it's appearance and performance it offers and iOS is amazing, but I'm not going to lie and say I haven't considered breaking my loyalty due to this (IMO) huge issues. If anyone has any suggestions to help me out that'd be great. Maybe I really am just doing something wrong or not understanding iCloud/iTunes.


Thanks for reading,

Shane E.

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