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iphone 5 Text Messaging not reliable

Do Apple Techs ever read these forums?   My wife and I have the iPhone 5 with Sprint service,  Text msgs are very unreliable, sometimes taking 8 hours to be delivered.  Sometimes they don't send.   We both had the HTC EVO with Sprint and never had a problem texting, ever!   I have tried all the different setting from other folks havving similar problems.  I might as well have an Ipod, since the phone functions are POOR at best.  BTW this is my 4th iPhone replacement since Sep 2012.  I should have went with the Samsung Gallaxy III.  Unless Apple gets the problem corrected, this will be my last iPhone.  Granted Apple has great service and all 4 phones were replaced without any problems, but great customer service is a poor substituite for equipment functionallity and lost user productivity.


As a side note:  Network settings have to be reset everytime I go from 3G to 4G LTE service areas and back,  Sometimes when Wi-Fi is used it has to be reset.  Wi FI doesn't connect automatically most of the time.    Other than those irritating items the iPhone 5 makes a nce paperweight.

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