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not receiving icloud calendar invites or calendar sharing

I am so sorry to bring this up but I have gone through discussion after discussion and nothing seems to be working for me! This is the first time I have ever posted so any help would be greatly appreciated.


My apple ID is a account and it is no longer receiving calendar invites or invites to share a calendar. They worked perfectly up until around the end of January 2013 as far as I can see so this appears to be a problem that has appeared in the last couple of weeks


I have tested it with some friends and it appears that some of my invitations are working when I send them out but it appears to be hit & miss (Last night I invited someone to share my calendar and they received the invite- when they invited me I did not receive anything)


I have changed my password on appleid so it meets the new security guidelines,

I have checked my appleid to ensure that there are no other unverified e-mail addresses linked to my account,

Both my iphone and ipad have had the latest updates (iOS 6.1.2)

I have changed my appleid to a different hotmail address and then changed it back to the original one and the invites did not work.

I have logged into on my PC but no new invites have appeared on there.

Syncing of my calendar, reminders, safari and contacts etc is still working fine between my iphone and my ipad.


Please let me know if any more detail is needed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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