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Battery issue! I can't CHARGE my phone!

Hello, I've been looking for the solution all over the net and sure enough I didn't find anything over the internet. its either some one help up with a solution or I need to replace my phone/battery :(


So this morning my battery totally drain out. So I plug into my usual charger and it won't charge. Everytime I plug into the charger, only this icon will turn up,


It CAN detect my charger with or without power source -- and the above icon (in the link will appear) but it WON'T charge after I plug into the power source. I've tried with 2 usb cables and even with usb port on my laptop. Does this mean my phone is dead and I need to replace it? Any alternative solution? I've tried charging over an hour, my phone still doesn't on or charging. My iphone is still considered new because I've bought it 5 months back.


Thanks in advance.

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