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Replacement iphone 5 charger cord

A few weeks ago my iphone 5 charger became sporadic, charging or not, seemingly at random. Upon closer inspection I could easily see that, where the cord connects to the charger, it is flimsy and "rumpled" looking. As if the basic, intended, use of pushing the charger into the port is more than the design + materials can handle.


I do not believe I should have to pay for a replacement, nor should I have to waste time, energy/gas driving to the Apple store. I would be more than happy to take and post/send photos and/or mail the charger back, but I don't really think i should have to take time out of my already busy days because of a flawed design which Apple released to the market before ensuring its durabily, to withstand being plugged in once a day for a few months. Frankly, a charger should last at least as long the phone itself, as it is a fairly simple device.


I am frustrated because I purchased this phone (my first iphone) with the understanding that this is a product of high quality. Not one in which its parts will degrade at a rapid pace, reducing the functionality of the device. Something tells me I'm not the only person experiencing this problem, and this is most likely already being/been discussed.


I see this sort of issue as an opportunity for Apple to make a good decision as a business and correct a situation aptly in order to re-establish a solid repuation, post-Jobs.



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