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Having problems connecting iPhone 5 with our company's Exchange 2003. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?

I'm not the only one in our company experiencing this, so far i haven't heard of anyone with an iPhone 5 who is able to connect. I'm wondering if people in other companies that have Exchange 2003 also have the same issue or is this isolated to ours.


The errors i get are not being able to verify: "Unable to verify account information." This used to happen before but when i chose to save settings, it would usually work after a while. But this time, with the iPhone 5, i kept getting "Cannot Get Mail" "The connection to the server failed".


I did this with a restore from back up, and a wiped phone, same results. My colleague with a fresh out of the box phone with no previous IOS backups, also has the same errors.


So, anyone else still using Exchange 2003 and experiencing the issues?

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