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Crazy intermittent iphone 5 charging/many solutions work for a short while some not at all

Sooo many posts on iphone 5 intermittent / non charging issues.  I find a new idea, like "use the higher power usb port" and it worked, for a while.  Clean the port and worked first time but not any more.  Wiggle, squeeze, pull, push, straighten, cord - no.  Apple only cord - no.  Car charger intermittent.  Multiple ideas with airplane mode, rebooting and push pull sim card, no dice


And today the experiment continues and it seems to charge but only when the iphone is OFF?  When I turn it back on the charge has crept up.  Not as fast as normal but in an hour it went from 3% to 25%.


Some have suggested software issues, cord chips and that makes the most sense due to the absolute intermittent issues.  I'm a longtime software tester and have not found a good work around and I'm like a dog with a bone.  Perhaps this, charging while off is a workaround, albeit awefull. 


Help, anybody? ANYBODY?  My next workaround is to reactivate my iphone3s and picket the store.


Thanks in advance...

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