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iphone 5 in the apple official video is 3d graphic?





I recently read the article about shooting commercials of apple product. -peter-belanger-on-shooting




Surprisingly, photos of commercials or homepage are not just a 3D rendering.




What I need to know is, whether the images of iphone 5 in the "iphone 5 official video" ( which was played in 2012 special event, september, is also "real picture" or 3D rendering.




I'm attatching screen shots of the video which I want to know if real picture or 3d rendering.




Of course, I know it's been re-touched or color-adjusted after taken evenif it's real picture.


What I want to know is whether the screenshots im attatching is based on "real" video of the product, or just totally 3D graphics which is made by computer without camera.




ps, honestly I'm not sure this forum can help me with this issue.


      If it doesn't help with this issue, could you tell me which department I should ask to for help??







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