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Problems connecting Bluetooth headset to IOS 6.1.4 & 6.1.3

Hello everyone,


I recently picked up a Jabra Sport headset to use. The main device I had planned to use the headset with is my iPhone 5 (IOS 6.1.4). Currently I am unsuccessul connecting the device to any IOS 6.1.x devices (iPad & iPod Touch 4th Gen both at IOS 6.1.3).


The Jabra Sport actually connected with the iPhone 5 once but constantly disconnected. When the headset stayed connected to the iPhone 5, the connection seemed to degraded quickly. I attempted 'Forget this device' solution but since that one time, have been unable to pair the headset with the iPhone. The only device which the headset will connect with is an older Droid 2 phone. The headset connected easily to the device and played perfectly (tested until the headset ran out of power).


I have searched for solutions and have tried many which have been listed here in the Apple forums(network reset, remove all existing bluetooth profiles, device reboot, etc) but so far none have worked (when attempting to connect with Apple devices). The solution I haven't yet tried yet is a complete device reset and restore from backup. An entire reset of the device(s) seems to be overkill just to add one device (bluetooth keyboard and LG earpiece connect fine).


Since the Jabra Sport did successfully connect to the older Droid 2, it seems the device is not compatible with Apple IOS 6.x.x devices.


Any suggestions of what other steps could be taken to resolve the issue?

Any suggestions to for a compatiable bluetooth headset which can used during exercise and withstand sweat, rain, dust, etc?



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