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AppStore not allowing me to download

Hello all,


I'm hoping someone here will be able to help with this.


My iPhone 5 won't let me download any apps.  I go into the appstore find an app (in this case a free app) click the free button, it asks me for my username and password, i enter those, the screen goes away, and then the free button comes back.  click it again, and the button just turns back to free.  i can't download anything!


I'm able to download on iTunes apps on my laptop using the same login details i am using above, so i know the credentials are correct.  these apps i can then sync to my phone, but not actually download from the phone itself.


I've tried resetting the phone.  resetting the username and password within settings->itunes and app store.


The phone is running iOS 6.1


Has anyone experienced this?  Know a solution?



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