Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 2, 2013

Invalid SIM msg rec'd after OS 6.0.1 update we go again,

To start off, Sprint says they're aware of the problem and they have rec'd a "workaround" to fix it.


The good news is: it works if you're in a stable environment ( constant Sprint LTE or 3G signal)

The bad news is: if you are in an area where the phone is searching alot (like ME in Atlanta), you will get this msg again.


the Sprint Tech rep had me switch off the WiFi and verify through Safari that I was able to get cellular signal. She then sent an update to the phone, had me power it down and restart. I thought I was in the clear until the Invalid SIM msg came up again. She said there was nothing else she could do about it on her end...


Off to the Apple store I go.......

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