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iOS6.1 must have been written by Adobe Flash Developers

I regret updating to 6.1, what a bunch of junk.  Screen pauses, hot to the touch, data connection issues, Exchange bugs so severe MS suggests Exchange adminstrators disconnect iOS6.1 devices.


I work on the edge of LTE & 4g/3g signal and my phone constantly flips between them.  When it flips back to 4g/3g, the data connection fails or is so slow (speed tests show it at less than .02 Mb/sec), then the phone gets hot to hold.  Only an airplane mode on/off cycle fixes it.  But then it goes back to LTE and back to 4g/3g and happens again.  Great to have a flag ship phone and have to disable LTE because Apple failed to perform rudamentry tests on an upgrade.


Screen pauses are precious too.  Flipping between home screens and it suddenly pauses.  Maybe it's trying to update iCloud data through the dead-slow data connection.  Who knows.


And now MS Exchange connections are causing problems so severe that MS recommends that the administrators disconnect the iOS6.1 device from the Exchange servers.  This will definitely make inroads with Enterprise .. NOT!


It's Apple's game to lose and the are doing a heck of a job of giving it away

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