Thứ Sáu, 15 tháng 2, 2013

iPhone continuously crashing

My iPhone 5 (activated at the end of December and currently up to date in software) continuously "crashes" everytime I select an app. I personally do not believe the apps are crashing though because many things only the home button can do occur such as Siri popping up continuously when my phone has gone untouched, when on the home screen, the search page is continuously pulled up when untouched, and the bottom bar also continually pops up when practically any app is being used. Not only is it acting as if the button is being pushed, but when I am actually pushing the button, it ceases to work.


I have shut down all my applications, restarted my phone, and even restored it. Even after turning off Siri, voice control continuously pops up (which I should have suspected would happen). Nothing seems to help. If you have any solutions to this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise I am still under waranty and may just go exchange my phone and pray the new one will not reach this state of annoyance.


Thank you.

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