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Mobile number not showing under iMessage?

iOS 6.02 iPhone 5


While trying to activate my iMessage, only my primary and secondary e-mail id's show up and my phone number does not show up underneath iMessage. Is there anyone else who is facing this problem.


I did try resetting my iPhone and also tried hard resettting, nothing seems to work. Restoring the iphone from itunes also didn't help. I did also speak to the apple care executives over the phone and they did diagnoise and found no solution though. However when I took the iPhone to the apple service center in Bangalore - strangely they neither had a iPhone 5 of their own nor the nano sim to test whether the problem persisted in my iPhone or was it the carrier.


Trust me all of those things that are mentioned in other threads of 'adding a test contact with your number' or 'directing to your name in the contacts from siri/contacts' do not work. I've tried all of those.


Later, when I tried my friends sim who is also on the same carrier as mine - it just worked and was activated within 40 secs.


I've now got an replacement sim from the provider citing this may be a sim issue. Now, my number does not show up under settings>phone. I know this can be entered manually but the apple executive suggested that this is picked up by the phone from the sim after a reboot.


It boils down to the fact that this either is a issue at apple's server or the carrier technincal settings (for which the Vodafone India team is absolutely clueless).


Did anyone else have this problem or do you have a work around other that porting it to different service provider? Please do let me know,



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