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Touch in iPhone 5 is not as good as iPhone 4's

The touch in iPhone 5 is not as good as the iPhone 4's. I have used iPhone 4 for almost 2 years, and now i have started using iPhone 5. When i type, i am hitting the wrong alphabets or digits quite often. This was never an issue while i was using iPhone 4. So i was wondering if it has something to do with the quality of screen that is being used for iPhone 5.

When i hit the password for say Appstore, almost always it says that i have put the wrong password (implies that i have hit the wrong keys). Then i need to carefully touch the alphabets one by one, and only then it accepts the password. This does not happen even once when i am entering the password for my iPhone 4 (no matter how fast i hit the keys).

I strongly believe the quality of touch which was the USP of iPhone has gone down. IS it because of the vendor for the screens ???

I feel as if am using some Android phone because of the poor quality of touch.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue in iPhone 5?

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