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Where in the USA can be bought the iPhone 5 Modell A1429 GSM?



I am the next 4 weeks in USA and therefore I will miss the iPhone launch in the country i live.

I do not want to wait till my return trip to buy the new iPhone and so I would like to buy an iPhone 5 Model A1429 GSM (European LTE-compatible version) in the USA.


As I understand there are 3 models available:

- Modell A1428 GSM (US LTE-compatible)

- Modell A1429 CDMA

- Modell A1429 GSM (European LTE-compatible


Are these Model available in the Apple Stores and are they unlocked (SIMLock-free)?


Or is into the Modell A1429 both tecnologies integrated CDMA and GSM?


Thanks for any answears.

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