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Can´t repair / change a USA iphone 5 in Europe !!! How come??

Hi, I bought an iPhone5 in USA last xmas, then I came back to Spain for work, and once in Spain I realized my iPone camera lens is not in the middle of the saphire glass and the pictures suffer from a tremendous pincushion distortion.


I called apple care Spain (europe), but they told me there are no replacements in Europe for US iPhone 5, and they can do NOTHING.


How come? How´s that possible? I know the USA iPhone 5 has different LTE chipset and it´s a different part, but what happens with world wide warranty?

What if a busniess man form USA going to work for a year in Europe finds out his phone stops working? Does he has to come back USA in order to repair it?


Isn´t there a procedure for that?


Can´t belive it..

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