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iPhone 5 LTE (4g) will not work on O2 UK when they release 4G

Hey guys just thought I would highlight this as I should think many people have brought a new iPhone 5 in preparation for the release of the 4g network next year.


Sadly I have to report that it is looking highly unlikely that you will be able to use you iPhone 5 on the O2 and Vodaphone network when they eventually buy the licence and launch their network. The reason quite simply the only frequencies which the iPhone 5 supports are not going to be available for the time being here in the Uk.


EE is the only supported network in the UK and they have purchased the licences for the only frequencies in the uk which the iPhone 5 supports.


O2 and the apple store both kept this quiet when I upgraded to my iphone 5, even when I made it clear to the apple store assistant I intended to use it on 4g when it's eventually released. "Yes it will work" I was told. The sales guy in the O2 store also told me the same.


I've returned my iPhone 5 mainly because of bad battery problems however I also didn't want to be stuck with a 4g phone where I can't use 4g when it's released.


I first read about this on the BBC website but this link explains the crocks of the problem... g-lte-support-freezing-vodafone-o2/


Has anyone else been incorrectly advised and mis-sold?


I'm now holding out to give EE a try, and, of course when the iPhone battery drain problem has been resolved.

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