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iphone5 camera problem with flash, full gray picture when flash is on

I bought my iphone5 before few months. I am facing problems with the camera only when the flash is on.

When the flash is on in still image mode (or Auto), and if there is dark, it shoots a full gray picture having a slight glimpse of what is in photo like a negative in non digital camera. When I off the flash (there is dark) it takes the original snap. I am attaching 2 images, 1st is gray took with falsh on and other one is normal took with falsh off. Please have a look. The problem is, I can't use flash anymore with my iphone.

On the other hand, in video mode, if the flash is on- nothing gets visible while making video. it's all over gray. I can't videos with flash on. It seems the flash in my iphone put a dark gray curtain on the lense.

flash in my iphone is no more usable for me. Can someone help me or I have to move to apple support physically.

photo with flash on
photo with flash off

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