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iphone5- emails from 1970

Hi there


The GF recently upgraded to the iphone5. I set up 3 email accounts. All seemed fine. The phone went off and picked up the last 50 emails from each account.


The next day, after deleting some emails from the phone, it told her that she had 13,000 (ish) unread emails waiting to be downloaded.


Last night when I looked at her phone, the first email in that mail box iwas titled "no subject" and has a date of 1970. It cannot be opened and cannot be manually deleted.


This morning however the errant email has disappeared of its own accord...



I suspect that part of the problem is that the phone auto-selected IMAP when i entered the user email details. It is a Virgin Media/Blueyonder account that is powered by Google. There probably are 13000 emails on the account but this issue did not occur with her iphone4, nor is it a problem with the other handsets in the house (WP7.5, Symbian and Andriod).


I do recall similar issues in outlook 2003 years ago when Virgin made the shift to google (ie. outlook wanted to download the whole box but there were no emails from 1970). That was resolved by prefixing recent: to the user name but that work around only seemed to work for the pop protocol.


Is this another iOS bug? and if so should I switch her over to pop?



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