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Iphone4 to Iphone5 Messages ONLY

Hi there,

I got my iphone 5 on the 7th of Feb and ever since ive been having problems with it. I was finally advised by Apple care to restore the phone as new and not to add the backup data from iphone4 to it as that could be causing the battery & over heating issues.

I told the rep I was speaking to that I really needed my messages, contacts & calendar. The apps are easy and I can download them at any time. She said not to worry about that and just to follow her advise for now and then once done call them back so they can walk me through how to get the important things back only.

That was on Saturday and today is Sunday and of course they are closed.

I managed to get the apps, emails, contacts, reminders, basically I think I've got everything EXCEPT Messages/iMessages/MMS. I really really hope that she didn't mislead me and that there is a way to get the messages back

I use both iTunes & iCloud backups & im using the latest version of iTunes & iOS

Please help.

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