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Dropped iPhone 5 in water, trying to restore now "error 1603"

On Wednesday night I was on the toilet playing on my phone. After I was done my phone slipped out of my hands and in to the toilet. I quickly grapped it out of the toilet before the toilet flushed it down and immediately started drying it off. Now I was a little bit drunk that night so I wasn't completely in my right mind. I started to elevate it and lay it on a towel. I also knew from before that rice would help with drying it off. Not knowing at the time it had to be uncooked, I cooked a bag of rice for about 8 min and drained as much water from the rice as possible and let my phone sit in it for about 10 min. Well then I learned it had to be uncooked. So I put the phone in uncooked rice after it sat in the cooked rice for about 5-10min. I let the phone sit in a bowl of uncooked rice for the whole night and the next day at about 12, I took it out and tried turning it on. It thankfully came on, but needed to be charged, so I charged it via the wall for about 15-20 min. After checking it I saw that the apple logo was being displayed so I let it stay like that for about a couple minutes. Seeing nothing else was happening I started pushing the power and home button down at the same time to restart it. That did not work either and soon I was getting the message to plug into iTunes, which I did. Once I plugged it into itunes I put it into recovery mode to restore. That was working just fine. It started to extract the software, verified the restore with Apple, and started to prepare it for restore. Well after 1-2 minutes of preparing i got an error message saying iTunes could not restore it because of error 1603. I looked up this error and it says something is wrong with my windows operating system. I disconnected all USB drives, closed everything down, and restarted my laptop. I tried restoring again and the same error message came up again. So I decided to let the phone sit in rice again for about 24hrs. Now I have tried to restore it about 6 times now and keep getting the same error message. I have also recently taken out the SIM card and tried restoring it but the same error message and the same point in the restore process. Anyone have any tips? I have looked into taking it to Apple, but my only option would be to buy a refurbished iphone. I wouldn't mind doing that, but I don't want to spend a lot. I originally purchased the 64gb white iPhone 5 from Apple and am not sure if they charge more for the 64gb model.

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