Thứ Bảy, 23 tháng 3, 2013

iPhone5 paint chipping

I bought my iphone5 last week from The Carphone Warehouse and noticed the paint had chipped on the box fresh phone. I showed the sales clerk who brought another one out that was also scratched, and then opened a third factory sealed box which was, yet again, chipped. As it was the last one in stock I had to take it. This morning my phone slipped out of my hand and after a 20 cm fall, landed on my desk and a big chunk of paint chipped off of the outer steel rim. My phone looks like it's been through the wars after owning it for less than a week! I took it to the Covent Garden Apple Store to show them and expecting another exchange, only to be told that they will not help as the paint chipping is not an official known issue. This is the worst customer service i've had with Apple, who have previously been superb whenever i've dealt with them. It's obviously a flaw and everyone will soon be having this problem, standards are definitely slipping. Not at all happy!

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